Why Dominion Powdered Metals

Who We Are:

We have a new name and a new strategy derived from the brick and mortar of an existing powdered metal company. After over thirty years of working for a giant in the PM industry, we took a leap and went out on our own. We are the very best in our fields and have had monumental success in a tough global business. We were at a point, however, where we felt we could do more – be more – give more back. And, with the goal of becoming an industry leader delivering innovative thinking and state of the art technology, Dominion Powdered Metals, Inc. was born.

What We Know:

We know that powder metallurgy is one of today’s fastest growing and most exciting technologies. PM components give customers a manufacturing option that matches competing process markets in strength and quality, but that leads in affordability and overall value. The application of powdered metal technology knows no bounds. If it can be made of PM, we can do it for you.

We also understand that true customer service is the hallmark of any successful business. We are in the business of making parts, but we are also in the business of helping customers reach their goals. The combination of absolute superior quality and precisely executed response to our clients’ needs remains our top priority. We will strive to always exceed your expectations and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Our Mission And Vision:

The mission of Dominion Powdered Metals, Inc. is to provide our customers with quality, innovative powdered metal components using the latest engineering principles and technology at a competitive cost to ensure the success of our stakeholders. Beyond that, our vision is to adhere to our mission while employing sustainable practices to ensure protection for the environment and to continually strive to provide a safe and happy workplace for our team of employees, our most valued resource.

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