“I am no stranger to hard work.  Raised by parents who spent much of their lives on factory floors, I was taught a no-nonsense approach to earning a living; if I wanted something I was going to have to work for it – no one was going to hand me anything.

So, my manufacturing roots run deep – specifically, I was introduced to the field of powdered metal manufacturing through a high school co-op program and went to work at a local plant immediately after graduation.  Throughout my thirty-four-year career with a global PM supplier, I worked hard – very hard.  I climbed from the very bottom to the position of plant manager of three world class Tier 1 Automotive manufacturing facilities (no small feat!) but the dream was always there to do something more.

Driven by an unswerving desire to create a company that not only produces the highest quality PM parts, but that truly takes care of its customers, its employees, and its community, I vowed to work relentlessly to create a business and a culture where that could happen.  Holding tight to that vision, I am proud to say that Dominion Powdered Metals is, in fact, a reality, and my team and I approach each day with integrity, creativity, collaboration, a sense of humor, and plain old fashioned hard work.  We believe what we put out into the world will come back to all of us, and we are determined to put out our very best.

I am excited about our future and welcome you to be a part of it – whether you’re in the market for a new powdered metal part or a PM conversion, or you are a potential employee in search of a new opportunity, I would love to hear from you.  It goes without saying that I will work hard for you – it’s who I am.  And it’s who Dominion Powdered Metals is too. ”


Brian S. Slusarick

Dominion Powdered Metals President