Manufacturing Capabilities

The Dominion PM industrial complex includes a 30,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015 certified registered manufacturing facility housing standard and hydraulic presses ranging in capacity from 12 to 250 tons along with four sintering furnaces. Our production equipment includes complete vacuum impregnation systems, reamers, vibratory screen and small blender for powder processing, vibratory finishing equipment, and assembly equipment. We have the ability to produce high quality, complex, cost effective powder metal components for an infinite range of varied and specialized applications, both existing, or conversions to, powdered metal. We can provide services ranging from using your existing PM tooling and adapting it into our facility all the way to complete engineering projects beginning with a solid model.

  • Ferrous powder metals: Straight Iron and many steel alloys to 7.4 g/cc
  • Copper infiltrated steels & soft magnetic steels to 7.5 g/cc.
  • Stainless steel powder metals: 300 & 400 series to 7.4 g/cc.
  • Non-Ferrous powder metals: Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver to 8.3 g/cc.
  • Heavy Hybrids to density to 16.4 g/cc.
  • Sintering : 2100 degrees F
  • Quantity: small prototype lots to high volume production runs.

Secondary Services

Heat Treatment

Stream Oxidizing

Reaming, Broaching, Drilling, Tapping

Platings, Coatings

Vibratory Finishing

Oil Impregnation

Resin Impregnation

Component Assembly

CNC Machining and Grinding

Materials Engineering And Design:

Our in-house metallurgist and highly skilled engineering and design team can provide full support to our customers for an entire PM conversion, from material selection to product design all the way through the finished process. Dominion partners with local tool design and build companies for their expertise.


Excellent quality control at our facility results in minimal levels of product non-conformance and scrap. Our quality lab contains equipment to test our products’ metallurgical and dimensional characteristics. Responsibility for quality is shared by all employees in the organization, from the shop floor to our quality staff to our sales team.

Material ProductionsOver 1,000 different products
Customer Satisfaction92%
Serving CustomersOver 50 Customers